Just as an aerial view can mimic a microscopic slide, all good designs have impact from across the room as well as up close. All things are interconnected and the more honest we are with this reality the better our designs will be. Taking a Macro/Micro approach allows work to feel integrated on multiple levels. Used in strategic concepts it can unlock big picture potential and reach new markets through inviting and engaging content that is personal and intimate.

Whether it’s a photograph that makes you feel like you are in the room, or a space that you feel tells an inviting story, visual narrative is at the core of engaging work. Connecting to the consumer /viewer in a relevant way is key to successful design. A final design should communicate without having to say much at all. The foundation is in  two-sided conversation – as though the piece is finishing the viewers thoughts. Each project begins with a story that reflects back to the viewer the ideals and beliefs they aspire towards.



Meagan has helped various business across the globe achieve an elevated brand experience. Her experiences ranges from helping over-seas businesses tap into American markets, getting a start-ups off the ground and visually defining their brand identity, to helping existing fortune 500 companies launch new product lines and seasonal campaigns. From the big picture strategy to the finer details of an icon or repeat graphic, Meagan's perspective is holistic and unique to each project.